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Here are a few easy tips to keep yourself from overindulging.

Think before you eat

Stopping for a minute and reconsidering the next helping can help you prevent overeating and overindulgence. This can keep you from consuming excess calories mindlessly.

Think before you serve

Pay attention to how much you are eating and stop the moment you feel full. Another way out is to add a single serving of everything on the table and bulking up the meal by adding more veggies. Using a smaller plate will help you avoid going overboard – it is an effective technique of keeping you from overindulging.  

Keep yourself hydrated

Being busy throughout the day, and a busy schedule, can make you forget to drink water at regular intervals. Drinking enough water is the key to staying healthy. It also helps keep heartburn symptoms in check, along with helping the body flush out toxins and rehydrate. Drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you feel full, decreasing the chances of you, overindulging.

Avoid starving yourself

Starving your body for extended periods of time can only lead to increased hunger and lead you to overindulge the moment you eat. If you are planning to go out to eat, never do it on an empty stomach. Have a fruit or a boiled egg or a small helping of salad before you go out. This can prevent you from experiencing strong hunger pangs, making you less likely to overindulge.

Limit the alcohol intake

Drinking too much alcohol has its own drawbacks. Alcohol increases the acid in the stomach. It can also increase the sensitivity of the tissues to the acid, leading to heartburn and gas. Also, it may cause the muscles around the stomach to relax, causing the contents to spill into the oesophagus and leading to acid reflux. To keep yourself safe from indigestion or other acidity issues, opt for smaller glasses. Adding more ice to your glass may also help.

The next time you are suffering from indigestion, heartburn, or gas, and are looking for foods that help heartburn, check if you have been overindulging.

There are many instant heartburn treatments available in the market. Gaviscon is the World’s No. 1 heartburn specialist^ and is an effective heartburn remedy option.

How does Gaviscon work?

The discomfort and pain from heartburn come from excess stomach acid coming back up into your oesophagus (food pipe). The sodium alginate in Gaviscon acts as a ‘raft’ that forms over the contents of your stomach to help relieve reflux. Gaviscon soothes and cools the oesophagus, effectively relieving the classic – and often painful symptoms of heartburn and indigestion (a burning pain felt in your chest), so you can feel better. 

^Claim based on information aggregated and reported in part from data supplied by Nielsen through its Retail Measurement Services for the defined category (RB defined) for the 12 month period ending June 2020, for the defined RB geographic focus.

Article published 23 July 2021